Being promiscuous, which is sexually irresponsible and immature, increases the risk of spreading sexually transmitted infections [STIs]. This is one of the primary causes of the harsh judgment against a sexually immoral community and the world at large. Are you aware that certain sexual acts can bring a curse to your life? Maybe you’re not exactly sure what those sexual acts are! In this book, Dr. Bonadie outlines some of these curses and guides us on how to avoid them. It is not God’s will that any of his children live in subjection to any curse. Learn how to remove yourself from the clear and present danger of a curse and walk in the abundance of God’s protection and love. Declare today that nothing is broken in your life! Pick up a copy of this book today and gift one to a friend.


“Sexual gratification is amazingly wonderful, and God wants us to have the experience on a regular basis, within the framework of marriage for which He designed it. Though masturbation is not sexual intercourse, it provides some measure of release.” Learn about this and more in the heart-pumping expose captured by Dr. Peter Bonadie. He took a
bold stance and approach in dealing with this subject and answered questions pertaining to sex. It is the proper expository on the subject that most preachers shy away from. Additionally, he purposely structured our minds around the question of how we determine what is ethically right or wrong. This book would debunk all the myths you have heard regarding masturbation. A must-read! Pick up a copy today!


In this book, Dr. Bonadie helps us to identify the early warning signs of sex traps amnd provides strategies to protect ourselves. You will learn how to break free when faced with the temptations that every one faces from time to time. Quickly identify the circumstances that provide the context for sexual failure. This is a excellent guide and a well thought-out plan for your escape. You can save your family, personal economy and reputation.

To catch a cheating mate workbook.

This workbook is the very best in its field. In it doctor Bonadie lays out three critical modules that will assist anyone who is living with the anxiety that their mate of significant other is cheating on the relationship. Firstly, He points out the signs that an affair may be happening. Then he gave some outstanding strategies that anyone can use to gather the information needed for peace of mind. Then he brilliantly provides sensible and godly options for the innocent party. Thie course is a must take for all people in a serious relationship.

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